Will The 2025 Condo Association Cliff In Florida Create Buying Opportunities In Miami?

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 4/22/2024
  • 3:16:18 PM

I will be speaking at the Dade Real Estate Investors Association’s “Real Estate Super Tuesday” educational event from 1 pm to 5 pm on Tuesday, April 23, at the Miami Shores Country Club.

The event “offers a critical opportunity for professionals and investors to gather, strategize, and advance their success.”

Hope to see you out there as we talk:

– the 2025 special assessment cliff for Florida condo associations,
– trends in the South Florida condo market,
– and the outlook for Miami condo foreclosures.

Info: https://events.dreia.com/aprilsuper#home

See you Tuesday,

Peter Zalewski



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