Bulk Buyers

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 10/27/2023
  • 10:08:57 PM

Real Estate Vultures® is comprised of a team of experts who work exclusively with buyers to identify and analyze bulk product in Florida that is available at deep discounts.

Many of our clients tend to be hedge funds and private equity funds from around the world that have a tremendous appetite for bulk product that includes blocks of units in new condominium towers, failed condominium conversion projects, uninhabited single-family home subdivisions, entitled and improved land, and raw dirt.

Working with bulk buyers since April 2007, Real Estate Vultures® has established a framework to quickly match ready, willing, and able purchasers with sellers who need to liquidate within a short period of time. Our Rolodex of bulk buyers is a primary reason that developers and lenders quietly approach our organization with product that needs to be liquidated quickly and discreetly.

If you are a buyer or seller in Florida who is looking to deal in bulk, we encourage you to contact Real Estate Vultures® at 305-865-5629 to discuss ways that we may be able to assist your organization to capitalize on current market conditions.

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