Which Condo Towers Are Struggling With Sales In Greater Downtown Miami?

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 1/26/2024
  • 12:22:29 AM

It’s nearly midnight on Thursday, Jan. 25, and I’m working late crunching the 2023 stats for Greater Downtown Miami condo projects.

I’m amazed how many units are not trading in each building and languishing on the market for MONTHS at a time.

Last year, the same types of units would have traded in WEEKS.

I will be publishing a series of reports in the next few weeks on CondoVultures.com looking at the winners and losers in Greater Downtown Miami.

If you want the reports emailed to you, just sign up on my @SubstackInc at: PeterZalewski.substack.com

– Peter Zalewski



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