Top 10 Ranking Of Miami Beach’s Most Popular Condo Projects

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 2/20/2024
  • 8:49:27 PM
A review of 2023 condo statistics identifies the condo projects that experienced the greatest number of unit resales.

Choosing a Miami Beach condo building to reside in can be a confusing process given the variety of choices.

After all, Miami Beach is a barrier island city sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean west to Biscayne Bay, and South Pointe Drive north to 87th Terrace.

This 7.5-mile long city is comprised of a variety of condo product ranging from lowrise Art Deco buildings constructed nearly a century ago to highrise modern towers designed by internationally acclaimed architects.

In 2023, buyers paid more than $1.8 billion for about 1,949 condos in Miami Beach, according to a recent report.

The average transaction price for a Miami Beach condo was about $727 per square foot last year, according to the stats.

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By comparison, half of the condo projects on the Top 10 list had an average transaction price of less than $520 per square foot in 2023, according to the stats.

Only two of the Miami Beach condo projects on the Top 10 list transacted at an average price of more than $1,000 per square foot.

The remaining three projects on the Top 10 list traded at an average price between $521 and $999 per square foot, respectively.

It is worth noting, all of the condo projects on the Top 10 list are located on sites that front the water, whether it be the ocean or the bay.

In addition, every one of the condos projects on the Top 10 list is at least 14 years old.

The takeaway of the stats for the Top 10 list is, buyers are opting for older, waterfront towers that come at prices that are less than the average 2023 price per square foot for a Miami Beach condo.

We have crunched the statistics for the Year 2023 and plan on publishing a series of of reports during the next two weeks on looking at the winners and losers in Miami Beach.

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