Season 5 Of Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcast Returns With More Straight Talk On March 15

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 2/27/2024
  • 8:46:42 PM
The podcast features current and former journalists who discuss the biggest real estate, finance and economic stories in South Florida.

Looking for a more skeptical perspective on Miami’s booming real estate market?

Growing anxious about the trajectory of the South Florida economy?

Searching for institutional knowledge on Florida’s homeowners insurance crisis?

These questions and others regarding the local economy may soon be answered.

The Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcast With Peter Zalewski is scheduled to return for Season 5 on Friday, March 15.

The program – available in audio and/or video wherever you get your podcasts – brings together four current and former journalists each week to discuss the biggest South Florida business stories, especially real estate, finance and the economy.

The objective of the weekly, one-hour program is to cut through the hyperbole of South Florida real estate marketing, in hopes, of assisting the audience to better understand the key points impacting decision making.

Zalewski – a former journalist and current real estate consultant with – moderates the program.

Besides Zalewski (@PeterAZalewski), the other two regulars featured on the show every week are former business journalist Jean Gruss (@JeanGruss) – who founded and operates – and former reporter and current media consultant John Fakler (@JTFakler).

Sitting in the show’s fourth roundtable seat each week is one of nearly 20 journalists who appear on the podcast on a rotating basis.

The stable of rotating journalists currently – and have – worked at some of the most influential news outlets in the state.

To see which journalists have appeared on the show in previous seasons, we encourage you to check out our video and audio podcasts archives.

To keep update with the latest news on the Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcasts With Peter Zalewski, please follow us on social media at @MiamiRRP.

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