Nearly 9,100 New Condos Proposed For Greater Downtown Since 2021

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 1/31/2024
  • 3:42:29 PM

Volume 2024, Issue 2  (Read the latest issue of our newsletter)

Welcome to the second issue of the revised Miami Condo Market Intelligence Report With Peter Zalewski™.

When we first launched the newsletter back in 2007, our focus was to share some of the proprietary research that we are generating as we analyze the South Florida condo market. The objective remains the same today.

In this week’s newsletter, you will find six stories examining various aspects of the Greater Downtown Miami market.

First, we focus on the total supply of condo units that are proposed and exist in the market, including nearly 9,100 new condos announced for Greater Downtown Miami since 2021.

The second story focuses on where buyers are purchasing units in Greater Downtown Miami.

Stories three, four and five examine all aspects of the market for condos, luxury condos and rental units, respectively.

Finally, story six looks at the distressed condo market in Greater Downtown Miami.

It is a lot of information but we are confident our reports will assist you to better understand current market conditions in Greater Downtown Miami.

Besides our weekly newsletter where do a deep dive on a particular market, we also produce a podcast called the Miami Real Estate Investing Podcast With Peter Zalewski™ that you can find on AppleSpotifyYouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.

If you are someone who likes to visit a property in doing your research, you might be interested in attending one of our Miami Condo Correction Walking Tours™. The tours are effectively three-hour outdoor classes where we provide a handout of all of the condos in the market, teach you how to analyze buildings and answer questions all while getting your steps in for the day.

A new feature we have just launched is the Miami Condo Market Investment Club™. The objective of the Club is to build a community to share realtime, actionable information on the latest real estate trends in Miami. Club members are also be invited to attend virtual and in-person events designed to advance your understanding of the South Florida real estate market.

As you know, we are still available for consultingexpert witness work and brokerage services as we have been since 2006. If you want more information, please visit or call the office at 305.865.5859.

Peter Zalewski

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