Journalist Sean McCaughan Of Appears On Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcast

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 5/17/2024
  • 3:13:25 AM
The objective of the podcast is to cut through the promotional hype of South Florida real estate, in hopes, of assisting the audience to better understand the latest market trends.

(Season 5, Episode 9 – May 17, 2024)

Freelance journalist Sean McCaughan – the founder of and former editor of Curbed Miami – appears on the Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcast (@MiamiRRP) this week for the ninth episode of season five.

Created in 2020, the weekly podcast – which is scheduled to air 20 shows this season – features a panel of four former and/or current journalists discussing critically the top real estate and economic new stories from the previous week.

The objective of the podcast is to cut through the promotional hype of South Florida real estate, in hopes, of assisting viewers and listeners to better understand the latest market trends.

Former real estate and finance reporter Peter Zalewski – who now runs – moderates the one-hour discussion that features six articles that are – or could be – impacting the South Florida economy.

Every week Zalewski (@PeterAZalewski) is joined by a visiting journalist, such as McCaughan (@SeanMcCaughan), as well as regular commentators John Fakler (@JTFakler) – who was a journalist covering white-collar crime and business for 20 years at publications including the South Florida Business Journal – and former real estate, banking and insurance journalist Jean Gruss (@JeanGruss), who now runs

The Miami Reporters Roundtable Podcasts can be viewed or heard wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, this podcast is available on the channel: CondoVultures.

For this episode, the roundtable discusses these stories:

1. South Florida Developers Pause Planned Apartment Projects (The Real Deal)

2. The Historic Burdine’s Flagship Store In Downtown Miami Is Now A Ross (

3. Let’s Work Together To Forge A Miami That Works For All (Miami Herald)

4. New Florida Law Roils Its Condo Market Three Years After Surfside Collapse (Wall Street Journal)

5. Fort Lauderdale’s Iconic Mai-Kai Is On Track For A Summer Re-Opening After A Big Restoration (

6. A Bigger Broward Landfill Whose Peak May Reach 325 feet? Debate Ensues Over Site’s Growth (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

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