Defining Moment: Greater Downtown Miami Condo Market On Pace To Surpass 50,000-Unit Mark

  • Published by Peter Zalewski
  • 1/31/2024
  • 12:47:01 AM
A review of 2023 condo statistics shows that developers have announced nearly 9,100 new condo units in Greater Downtown Miami since 2021.

It has taken six decades but Greater Downtown Miami is on the brink of eclipsing the mark of 50,000 condo units in an area that stretches about 60 blocks long between a pair of causeways, according to an analysis based on statistics from

Fueled by an influx of corporate relocations and work-from-home employees who flooded into South Florida during the pandemic, developers have announced nearly 9,100 new condo units in Greater Downtown Miami since 2021, according to the stats.

Prior to this current boom, Greater Downtown Miami already had more than 43,725 units, according to the stats.

It is worth noting, the 50,000-unit mark excludes the thousands of new rental apartments that are planned, under construction or recently completed by companies – publicly traded or privately owned – that intend to rent out and not sell off their residential units in Greater Downtown Miami.

For context, Greater Downtown Miami is a 60-block stretch comprised of three submarkets – Brickell Avenue Area, Central Business District also known as Downtown and the Biscayne Boulevard Corridor – that extends from the Eddie Rickenbacker Causeway north to the Julia Tuttle Causeway, and Biscayne Bay west to Interstate 95, according to boundaries established for internal statistical purposes by in 2006.

From south to north, the Brickell Avenue Area submarket is defined as the Rickenbacker Causeway north to the Miami River.

The Central Business District submarket – also known as Downtown – is an area that extends from the Miami River north to the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Causeway.

The Biscayne Boulevard Corridor submarket – which includes the neighborhoods of Edgewater, Midtown and Wynwood – stretches from the MacArthur Causeway north to the Tuttle Causeway.


It is unclear how many of the nearly 9,100 new units will ultimately be built.

Keep in mind, the new condos in this cycle are at various stages of development – proposed, planned, under construction and completed – at a time when units are trading at record prices, interest rates are the highest in recent memory and property owners are struggling to deal with Florida’s insurance crisis.

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